EC Electric Chain Hoist - Hook Suspension

EC Electric Chain Hoist - 2 Chain, Geared Trolley

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The Coffing EC Electric Chain Hoist (2 Chain, Geared Trolley) is a high performance hoist engineered for heavy duty industrial service. Designed for safety, EC hoists incorporate mechanical load brakes, motor brakes, and overload clutches as standard features.

Benefits & Features

  • Electrical Cover can be quickly removed for easy access to motor and all electrical connections.
  • High torque, H4 duty class motor with class F insulation; 60 hertz standard, 50 hertz available. Optional Variable Frequency Drives, or 2-speed motor available.
  • Suspension easily changed from hook to lug, for use with plain, geared, or motorized trolley.
  • Chain guide resists jamming and keeps chain aligned with load sheave.
  • Internal strain relief provides support for push button station.
  • Ergonomic push button control is impact and chemical/corrosive atmosphere resistant. Our push button station fits operator’s hand for thumb or two-handed operation. 24 Volt Control standard for operator safety. 115 Volt Control available upon request. NEMA 3R (weather resistant) standard.
  • Steel chain is precision pitch, treated for optimum strength and wear resistance.
  • Double and triple chain models equipped with grease fitting in bottom load block.
  • Latches keep load seated in hook. Standard on top and bottom hooks.
  • Five-pocket load sheave provides improved or better chain engagement for smooth lifting and reduces chain wear.
  • Alloy steel gears precision machined and lubricated in oil bath for cooler, longer lasting operation.
  • Mechanical load brake for load lowering control and additional reliability.
  • Adjustable upper and lower limit switches to regulate load travel.
  • Motor multiple disc brake is direct acting to stop load when push button is released and power off.
  • Mechanical overload device protects against damage caused by excessive overloads and reverse phasing.
  • Quick removal brake cover for easy access to brake and limit switch.
  • Helical gearing for quietest operation available.
  • Standard push button drop is 4-feet less than lift.
  • Small Frame Design features housings of cast aluminum alloy construction for minimum weight. Engineered and designed for use with motors up to 1 HP.
  • Large Frame design features load bearing housings of ductile iron construction for maximum strength. Non-load bearing housings of cast aluminum alloy for minimum weight. Engineered and designed for use with higher torque 2 and 3 HP three phase motors.
  • Full line of accessories available, including Variable Frequency Drives.
  • MADE IN THE USA in compliance with ASME/ANSI B30.16 and CSA standards.

Download the Coffing EC Electric Chain Hoist Brochure